Beginning the Dymaxion Cycle

So I have decided to hack my sleep cycle. If you are like me, you probably have a billion things to do every day and not enough time to do them. With this cycle, I could have anywhere from 4-6 more hours of time in a day, and supposedly, not feel any more tired. It is a process though, and I am going to document my transition so that any of you out there who wish to do the same will know the specifics of what you are getting in to.

I met this guy in New Haven this summer, and he had been hacking his sleep for 3 months already, with hardly any problems. He warned me that I would be tired, and that I would need to eat a lot more because his metabolism sped up. He also suggested I do light exercise throughout the day, instead of doing large workout sessions, because you need to keep your body in balance if you are only sleeping 30 minutes every 6 hours.

The cycle works like this:

Every 6 hours, you sleep for 30 minutes. Then you get up, go through your morning routine, and then go about your day. Essentially it is like having 4 days in one, and you end up having a whopping 22 hours of time that you are not sleeping. The premise is that when you are slightly sleep deprived, your body immediately jumps into REM sleep, and so if you wake up after each REM cycle, you would get 4 complete cycles of REM, and only REM. Myself, being one with a weaker immune system, and many responsibilities, will most likely call it good at the step before full Dymaxion. This would be an hour of sleep every 6 hours, and so I would get 30 minutes of REM and 30 minutes of non-REM during each phase. If you’d like to learn more about polyphasic sleep (sleeping more than once during a day) here are some starting places:

On that last website, there is also a statement here discouraging users from jumping into the Dymaxion Cycle, claiming that only those with a genetic predisposition to wonderful quality sleep can do this cycle. I choose to take that as a challenge.

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