Biphasic: 7h Core, 1h Nap day 2

I spent the last few weeks (approximately 19 days) transitioning to a regular sleep pattern. Before, I went to sleep whenever I wanted, and I woke up whenever was needful. I was a sleep glutton, sleeping for upwards of 9 hours a day, and always feeling tired. As I’ve mentioned before, I get sick often, and so believed that I needed to sleep more than the average person to feel healthy. However, this amount of sleep is not conducive to living the student life, or the working life, or any life that involves doing things. 😛

Today marks the second day of the first step towards the Dymaxion Cycle, or something close to it. I slowly whittled my core sleep down to 7 hours, and I have begun to take a 1 hour nap in the middle of the day. Yesterday, my sleep was horrible during core, and I couldn’t fall asleep during my nap until the very end, but I made sure to get up on the first ring of my alarm anyway. I felt a bit disoriented, and had a pressure headache most of yesterday. Granted, it was also suuuper hot yesterday: above 30 degrees C (90 degrees F). During my nap, I noticed that the level of noise outside, and the light level greatly affected my ability to fall asleep. I was also told to evenly space my nap from when I go to bed, however, this could make things harder in the long run. See, I have decided to go to bed at midnight, and so my nap should be at noon. However, this means I’m only getting 5 hours between wakeup and nap, and then 11 hours on the back end between nap and the next core. But, if I move my nap into the middle, it will be harder to adjust later when my core is smaller. I will have to play with this.



This morning I woke up much faster than yesterday, and with my head a little clearer. I still have a headache, but I think this may be from sinus pressure, as I recently came back up to elevation from sea level. I had very vivid dreams last night, so I know I got at least some more REM than yesterday.

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